Hook & Blade was fortunate to help capture a shared vision for storytelling with global field services powerhouse, Granite Services. Granite is a wholly-owned affiliate of General Electric (GE) and is the leading provider of field services in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas industries.

Simply put, they create and deliver solutions that solve the world’s most complex power and energy challenges. One of the challenges Granite faced was something many companies are familiar with and face every day, not telling a story worth telling.

Their field services team in Florence and Livorno, Italy had designed, developed and put into process a series of industry-evolving innovations. Innovations worthy of recognition.

There are times when completely foreign minds collide in a way that’s truly beautiful, and that’s what happened with this project. The vision we had for the eventual deliverable meshed so well with the expectations and hopes shared by the Granite team, and we were able to deliver something everyone was proud of. Together, we traveled to Tuscany and completed our first episode.

“We developed the People, Places & Power platform because we recognized that our global field services company was comprised of remarkable people who had an untapped well of stories to share. This story focuses on innovation, teamwork and the leadership success of Lorenzo Gori in Italy.” – David Stout, Director of Marketing at Granite. 

The result of the project was an 11-minute mini-documentary covering the innovations of their team in Italy, and the leadership that made the culture of innovation possible. 

For people that know video statistics, they know not to expect a ton of people to stay tuned in such a long story, especially one covering an industry-specific premise that doesn’t cater to the masses. And that’s important to know. Because in video storytelling or video production, it’s not always how many people watch. It’s about the quality of the viewer.

The analytics tell a story of success. To date, the “People, Places and Power” piece resides on the third most visited page on their website, “Featured Stories.” And over 50% of people who start watching the lengthy doc actually finish it. Considering normal drop-off on a video is around 50% after one minute, the analytics told us we’re hitting the right people, and people care about/are engaged with the story being told.