For a long time, millennials have dominated the use and adoption of technology, but trends are shifting and the older generations are tagging along. As a result the four generations have merged into one device-driven generation with a strong fixation on mobile. This increased obsession is radically saturating many aspects of our lives as well as boosting the connectedness of all. Thanks to one small piece of advice, friends, family, brands, and businesses are more accessible than ever, contributing to a tremendous playroom in the digital world.

A Fixation on Mobile

Research shows that the average smartphone owner unlocks their phone 150 times in one day as well as more than 50% of people can’t go longer than one hour without checking their phone. In addition, as many as half of all Americans admit that they would work one extra day per week rather than giving up their phone. As this mobile fixation grows by the minute it is continuously causing major inference for businesses looking to hook consumers in the digital space.

Mobile on the Couch, Mobile in the bathroom, Mobile Everywhere

The days of landline phones are far gone as the usage of smartphones takes place everywhere, and all the time. For many, it has become a habit to take the phone with them wherever they go. In fact, close to half of all grown ups turn to their phone within five minutes of waking up whereas over 75% of Americans bring the phone into the bathroom. With that said, mobile usage has shifted from being an on the go comfort to an everyday obsession.

The Implications on Digital Marketing 

So what implications does the device-driven generation have on the world of digital marketing? Well, to say the least, it’s changing the whole playing field. By that, I mean that it has become critical for businesses to strategically craft digital content and campaigns that enhance the user experience on smaller screens. Therefore:


 A company website can no longer disregard mobile optimization as consumers are demanding higher quality. 

A business needs to increase its targeted brand advertising as consumers are expecting more relevant content suited to their interests.

Speed is everything. The device-driven generation is more impatient than ever and a few extra seconds of loading time can determine a sale or a no sale. 

Paid search campaigns and Websites can no longer avoid voice search as new smartphone technology makes voice searches more convenient than ever. To stay in the game, you have to optimize your site and campaigns by switching to long-tail keywords. 


As the device-driven generation carries computers in their pockets around the clock, digital marketers also need to adapt to meet the demands of this new era. Mobile is no longer limited to “mobile”; mobile is a fully equipped device that’s always with us. With that said, your business has to take the opportunity of creating digital symbiotic experiences for your consumers. Our dedicated team can help you! Just pick your favorite way to chat and reach out to us.