If you’re in B2B marketing or business development, you know how important it is to stand out from your competition and stay top of mind for a long sales cycle. If you are a business owner or executive, you know that the more efficient you can make your sales process, the faster you can close more deals.

Here are three tools we recommend (and use at Hook & Blade) that can make a big difference in your B2B sales efforts:

Proposify is an online proposal creation and document management tool that has completely changed the game for our proposal process. Instead of using boring Microsoft Word documents and PDFs, Proposify gives us the ability to create beautiful and interactive proposals faster than ever.

You can create templates for your company’s products to make the proposal creation process more efficient. Within those proposals, you can use your company’s unique brand style, embed videos and images and much more.

After you’ve sent the proposal, you’ll get notified when your prospect opens the document and can see metrics on which sections they’re spending the most time on and more.

When they’re ready to sign, all they have to do is click the electronic signature button.

Interested in Proposify but need help with set up and design? Our team can handle the heavy lifting for you.

There’s a variety of these out there but they all perform a similar service: generating qualified Linkedin prospects for your sales efforts. Using a defined target audience and a series of relevant, automated messaging, you can quickly scale your prospecting efforts.

And even if those connections don’t immediately result in proposals and sales, you’re now connected with individuals in your target audience that you can reach through your social media content marketing efforts.

Want to start reaching qualified Linkedin prospects now? Let us know and we can use our resources to build a strategy for you that drives connections for your business development team.

Hubspot recently found that the number of sales emails in the last year increased by 124% but responses decreased by 30%! What can you do to get the messages from your sales team noticed by your target prospects?

Adding video! Emails with video are 8x more likely to get a response. Vidyard is a great tool you can use to empower your sales team to showcase their personalities and get prospects engaged faster. Using the Vidyard software, a sales rep can record their screen, use their webcam or both to record a message to send to a prospect. The tool provides the rep with a link and animated gif to drop into the email to catch the prospect’s attention.

Once the prospect clicks on the video link, they’re taken to a custom landing page to watch the video where they can take an action you determine (book a meeting, reply to the email, etc).

Companies that have implemented Vidyard into their sales process have seen higher engagement from prospects and shorter times to close deals.

Interested in implementing Vidyard for your business development efforts but need help with a video strategy? We can help!