The StatimRX founding team approached us looking for help developing a unique brand and a partner to develop the platform for their business. StatimRX wants to innovate the back up pharmacy delivery space through unique technological solutions designed to help their clients run their businesses more efficiently and at a better cost. StatimRX wanted a brand that appeared more modern than their competitors and offered a better online experience.


With a strong leadership team, StatimRX has the industry experience necessary to establish credibility with potential customers but also needed a modern look to match their offering. In addition to experience, we wanted to emphasize these key attributes of StatimRX:




After analysis of the existing competitive marketplace, we saw immediate opportunity to develop a mark that could reflect the character of the StatimRX team as well as the capabilities of the product.

 Building a logotype started with the the modern and elegant font Montserrat. We created two icons to connect to the brand name to reflect speed as well as healthcare. The shades of purple and blue we selected as the brand colors signify reliability and trust.

Web Design & Development

StatimRX wanted a modern and engaging web design that was easy for their customers to use. With many of their customers needing to place orders on an expedited timeline, it had to be immediately clear how to navigate the website.

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In addition to designing a WordPress front-end for StatimRX, our development team created a custom solution which included a user dashboard, delivery scheduling functionality integrated through a third-party API and customer reporting tools. Through continued development work, additional features will be integrated into the tool.