Sports Branding & Marketing

Sports are a big part of who we are at Hook & Blade.

We grew up playing sports.

We plan our vacations around sporting events.

When we were designing our original logo, we used the concept of a soccer crest as our inspiration.

We bought a second monitor for the office just so we could watch Champions League and World Cup matches.

Watch our brand video and see just how much sports are part of our creative process.

But in addition to being sports fans and “athletes,” we’re experienced marketing strategists and creative directors who can drive results for companies.

What can we offer you?

Strategic marketing consulting for every stage of the customer journey. 

Whether you’re looking for a solution that touches each stage of the customer journey or a specific project, we can deliver a winning result for you. We’ve helped to impact sports brands in a number of ways. Take a look below to see some of our recent sports work.

In our role as fractional chief marketing officer for Signature Lacrosse, we are able to offer the company an experienced marketing strategist to provide long-term direction for the brand for less than the cost of a full-time CMO. In addition, our array of resources offers Signature a wide range of specialists for creative projects and marketing initiatives.

Our services have included developing a consistent brand style guide for Signature, the launch of a new website, development of a social media content strategy, the rollout of a social influencer campaign, the production of a :30 spot for ESPN as well as e-mail marketing and pay-per-click advertising management.

Managing pay-per-click advertising with national reach and a finite budget can be a challenge, particularly when promoting a range of product offerings. With an emphasis on geo-targeting, A/B testing ad copy and campaign optimization, we produced measurable results for i9 Sports that far exceeded the previous year’s results. In the key build-up months for the fall season (July and August), our PPC management efforts in 2017 yielded 23% more leads than 2016 with 26% less marketing spend. Cost per lead for those months improved 65% year over year and 79% from 2015’s figures.

In addition to managing the brand’s national PPC account, we developed a local advertising program for franchisees to voluntarily participate in that enabled them to supplement the reach of the company’s digital advertising budget. Each month, nearly half of the brand’s franchisees participate in the program, generating an additional 1,000+ leads per month for the company.

i9 Sports approached our team about helping them to develop a new tagline that represented their brand better than their original tagline of “An Experience Beyond the Game.” With over a decade of success organizing youth sports leagues, the brand wanted a fresh approach. We hosted a brainstorm session with the brand’s marketing department to find the right words and phrases that resonated internally and externally.

Through the brainstorm session with i9 Sports as well as an internal Hook & Blade discussion, we developed eight new tagline concepts for the brand. We mocked up each new tagline in a variety of formats including t-shirts, pop-up tents, website banners and social graphics to help the marketing team see how the tagline would look in a real-life scenario. The team selected “The Way Youth Sports Should Be” and announced it to their entire franchise network at their annual convention.

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