If you’re looking for ways to wait out the coronavirus social isolation and put your business in a better place to respond once things start to go back to normal, here are a few marketing project ideas for you.


Social Media Templates

Does your company’s social media channels represent your brand in a consistent way? If not, they should. Now is the perfect time to design social media templates that reflect brand consistency and communicate your message. You can save hours of work later by creating templates for your common social posts now. Social media template ideas can include:

  • Company updates/News
  • Client Testimonials
  • Products/services
  • Tips/Advice

By creating 4-5 social media templates that represent your brand colors and identity, your monthly social media posting becomes a lot easier to plan and update. Your social media templates also create a stunning and consistent look that will help boost your engagements.


Optimize Your Content for Search


Website optimization can be tedious and it’s something that many companies put off. However, an optimized website can be key for driving traffic to your website. By optimizing your site, you enhance the chances of your business showing up for specific keywords related to your products and services.

Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Learn what your customers are actually searching for
  • Figure out the most popular way people search for your business
  • Understand variations of keywords
  • Find popular and engaging topics in your field
  • Understand the metrics behind the keywords you’re targeting


Create Content Calendars


Content calendars are schedules that help you lay out, prepare and schedule content weeks or months in advance. A content calendar is an efficient way of planning ahead and keeping your deliverables on track. Use this time to create an Excel or Google sheet to plan and schedule your social media, email, and blog content for each of the upcoming months. Don’t forget to include important events or national holidays that you’d like to highlight. Our preferred social media tool is Sprout Social.


Consider Website Design Refresh


Is your website past its due date but you’ve been too busy to do anything about it? We’ve all been there. However, times like this are ideal for bigger projects such as a website redesign

Building a website doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a project that involves careful direction and strategy with multiple rounds of edits. However, from a tactical perspective, if you start a new website project today, it can launch when business starts to boom again.

Write New Content


Did you know that the average company that blogs receive 55% more website visitors? However, that doesn’t mean that you should blog about anything and everything. Your blog has to represent your business objectives and the services/products that you offer. Writing a good and relatable blog can be time consuming and is something you might not prioritize it when you’re busy. Use this extra time to get a few blogs done. Make sure to do research and write about things that actually intrigue your audience. Get writing!

The virus won’t last forever and things will turn around. So if you can, get started on a new project. The work you put in now will reward you in the long run.