Marketing is an ever-changing industry, one that gives an outlet and avenue to emotionally connect with an audience and tell story after story. The storytelling factor is a huge reason that I wanted to get into marketing, along with the fact that it’s a platform to have a voice in a world that is changing all the time.


  1. Whether we like it or not – Millennials are moving out of the way, Gen Z is taking over and outpacing millennials at a rapid rate. The digital marketing changes that come with this narrative give us an entirely new audience to relate to. In order to get traction with the Gen Z audience, focusing on video and storytelling has never been more important.
  2. 2020 was A LOT, more than most thought they could even handle, yet here we are! As humans, we had to change and adapt to a whole new dynamic while panic set in. A monumental change we saw was a shift in audiences, we had to refresh and redirect content to reflect that. There are a number of things we need to leave in 2020, and stagnant content is one of them. In 2021 we need to look to user-generated content and refresh our social tactics to get ahead of impressions and engagement.
  3. We are arguably in one of the toughest economic crises we will ever face or have to experience, along with a host of uncertainty. Brands need to brace themselves for a different landscape in 2021, where they must be as dynamic as the behavior of the audience they are trying to reach. Marketers should see that having a digital brand presence in 2021 will be the most important factor – while taking into account identity, visibility, and credibility. Brand engagement in 2021 is going to be your best friend when it comes to social media presence.
  4. Inclusive marketing is key for your brand, with the ever-changing society we live in, adjusting and adapting has never been more important. Diversity is a fact, inclusion is an act! Everyone can say they are diverse, but including diversity translates differently – inclusion is the next step to change! This is something every marketing team should learn and adapt to in the immediate future.
  5. We are in a digital world, meaning email overload – actually over 270B emails are sent per day, it doesn’t however mean email is dead, but messages have become out of date, irrelevant, offer driven, and extremely static in nature. It’s almost like the web evolved but email stayed the same, in 2021 we need to see emails be more engaging, contain up-to-date information, and drive users to take action. When creating an email we need to think to ourselves about three key notions. Purpose – do the dynamic elements support our intent with the email? Discovery – are users aware of the up-to-date content? Navigation – does it compliment the email well?


The biggest takeaway from the event was that we marketers are where the change is going, and we have to adapt and be on course for any and all changes that come in our direction. We have to be ready to adjust to how our respective audiences need us and how we reach them. Together we are stronger and together we can make the necessary changes to make marketing more effective, inclusive, diverse, and relevant.