When you work with Hook & Blade, you’ll have the opportunity to tap into The Crew – our community of talented creatives. The Crew offers you the ability to have a wider range of creative thought applied to your project at a fraction of the cost. Rather than have your creative and marketing needs assigned to a single salaried designer as just another task, you’ll get a community of passionate people fighting and collaborating to win your work.

Our community includes a variety of marketers, designers, photographers, writers, videographers and other creatives who have been personally vetted by Hook & Blade. Excellent creative can come from anywhere. Whether it’s a full-time graphic designer or an investment banker who takes incredible photographs in his spare time. Membership in The Crew doesn’t require 10 years of agency experience…it requires the best quality work. The Crew accomplishes two things: 1) It provides aspiring and proven creative people the chance to showcase their skills and 2) It creates amazing work for you.

Here’s a few of our trusted deckhands…

Ryan S

Marisa B
Content Writer

Sarah K
Content Writer

Thomas M

Chris B
Digital Media Buyer

Jimmy F

Eric W
Web Developer

StudioMax Design 

Kyle H
Web Developer

Thang P

Elvis A

Nicholas T

Elliot A.

Erik A.
Developer & PPC

Cody F.