Many people tend to think that they know everything about marketing. However, in reality, much of what people “know” roots in myths and misconceptions. In last week’s article we debunked three common misconceptions about marketing. In this blog, we’ll respond to three more. If you believe that you’ve been misguided by the notions of marketing misconceptions, know that you’re not alone. Even the most experienced CEOs are receptive to these common marketing myths.

Myth 1

“Good marketing will get results right away”

Many business owners and executives tend to think that hiring a marketing professional instantly will bring results to the table. However, in reality successful marketing takes time. Yes, digital marketing is “faster” than traditional marketing. If someone clicks on your online ad, for example, you’ll know immediately.  However, generally speaking, marketing strategies will take some time to pay off. This is especially true when it comes to SEO, as Google for instance has to crawl, index and serve the pages and the content that you create before it can deliver.

Myth 2

“Marketing is a waste of money”

Other businesses happen to think that marketing is a waste of money. However, this is only true if you don’t do it wisely. With any marketing strategy, you should always create a plan and a budget to manage your spending. Thereafter, you will monitor which marketing tactics that deliver your desired results. Once you have an idea of what’s working, you can dedicate more of your budget to the methods that you know pay off whilst reducing the spending on the rest. One of our marketing experts can help you rule out strategies to choose a more efficient way of reaching your goals and objectives.

Myth 3

“The more I spend on marketing, the more customers I’ll attract” 

Although it’s commonly thought that money can buy everything this is not necessarily true in the world of marketing and digital conversions. More marketing spending will probably help you generate more clicks and leads – but leads are not the same as customers. When it comes to lead generation, we always recommend focusing on quality rather than quantity. In order to do so, your marketing strategies and campaigns need to carefully target your ideal customer. By doing that, you’ll spend less but get more qualified leads, which are more likely to turn into sales.

These three common marketing myths can hinder campaigns from reaching their full potential, prevent leads from converting to clients, and frustrate marketers and clients alike. Hook & Blade offers you a skilled marketing team at a fraction of the cost. Simply contact us today to get started on a new journey!