Can you relate to any of these challenges? Do any of these scenarios sound like something you’re dealing with while running your business?

No long-term marketing strategy

Does your business have a 12-month marketing strategy? 6-month? 3-month? Instead of having a detailed and strategic approach to your marketing, your efforts are focused on immediate concerns such as tomorrow’s Facebook post or the marketing email you want to send out next week. You might not even know how much you spent on print ads versus Google Adwords last month.

Lack of clear reporting

Do you know your cost-per-sale? Or your cost-per-acquisition? Do you know which marketing channel is your most expensive and which is your most effective? Hopefully, you at least know whether or not your business is profitable, but you don’t know where to scale your efforts or where your money is being wasted. You probably think it would be helpful to know how well traffic from Instagram performs or whether that postcard mailing you did was successful, but you just don’t have the time or the personnel to figure it out.

No coordination between sales, marketing and operations

Your sales stuff is pushing a new product with inaccurate talking points. Your marketing team is posting about a product on Facebook that’s actually out of stock. Emails from staff are going out with old brand standards. There’s a lack of clear direction and oversight regarding your brand. Everyone is working hard but it seems like you’re just treading water.

Difficulty recruiting and paying senior-level marketing talent

You need someone to manage your marketing strategy. You want someone to run your social media. You need a specialist to make sure your digital advertising is working. It’d be great to have someone creating video content for your brand. But you don’t have $400k in budget to cover salaries and benefits. You certainly don’t have the time to interview 50+ people to hire for all those positions.

You’re not a marketer and you don’t have time to become one

You certainly understand the principles of marketing – promote and advertise my product or service to potential customers. But you don’t know what the best channel is for your industry. You don’t have time to learn how Google Adwords works or what the latest trends in SEO are. Got time to learn video production? Posting on Facebook is easy, but how much money should you spend on Facebook Ads?

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