Devising a working marketing strategy for a business is not always straightforward, especially if you are entering a highly competitive and saturated industry. Without a successful digital marketing strategy, reaching your target audience becomes increasingly challenging, even if you provide high-quality products, services, and content.

While classic marketing methods such as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing are continuing to grow, influencer marketing has made its mark. Knowing how to put influencer marketing to work for you is a way to establish your brand in less time while maximizing your online reach.

What is Influencer Marketing?


Influencer marketing is not entirely new, but it uses new tools to work with the advent of smartphone technology and social media. While influencer marketing in the past may have involved product placements within television shows and celebrity endorsements within commercial advertisements, influencer marketing has since evolved.

Influencer marketing now includes the use of social media. Millions of online users from around the world have amassed millions of followers on their own as individuals or as entrepreneurs alike. Working together with an individual who has millions of followers one way to take advantage of influencer marketing for your own business.

Collaborate with highly influential individuals in your market on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Connecting with individuals who currently have hundreds of thousands of followers or millions of followers can help with quickly connecting with prospective customers and loyal fans. However, you should not use influencers purely for their following numbers. You have to make sure that the collaboration is genuine to both parties – influencer marketing only works if the brand and the influencer have an authentic match.

Benefits of Using Influencer Marketing for Businesses

Using influencer marketing for a business is not only a way to spread the word about a brand or the products and services you provide, but it is also a way to establish your brand. Establishing yourself online is imperative with an eCommerce store, especially if you are attempting to outperform your current competition or solidify your company’s place in a volatile, competitive, or high-risk market. Some of the advantages of using influencer market for businesses include:

  • Target Specific Audiences: Working with an individual influencer is a way to gain exclusive access to their own personal following of customers and fans. Get to know more about prospective influencers you are interested in working with to choose influencers that are likely to resonate most with those who have a need or use for your business.
  • Scale as You Go: Avoid launching costly and generic ad campaigns with influencer marketing. Launching one campaign at a time is much easier with influencer marketing than with traditional online advertising tools.
  • Establish Your Brand in Less Time: When your prospective customers become aware of your business from other pages of brands they trust, they are more likely to trust you and learn more about what you offer.

Our Work 

Marketing tactics usually vary depending on industry and some companies have a difficult time with the traditional marketing channels. Our client J.C Newman Cigar Company was operating in the old cigar manufacturer industry and did not see any impressive returns on either traditional ads or paid social media. In this instance, Influencer marketing became a big part of our strategy.

Cigar smokers and cigar aficionados are so passionate about cigars. Every cigar smoker has their favorite brand. It’s a fanatical industry where one’s Instagram page is all about cigars. Therefore, it was very important for us that each influencer liked and respected the brand. We wanted an authentic match. Anything else would be a loss for both parties.

The way we approached it was, we identified hundreds of influencers in the cigar world and reached out to one by one manually by asking questions such as:

What do you put out?

Have you tried our brand?

Would you be willing to partner in any way?

We used Influencer marketing on Instagram and Twitter. Through contests, events, and sponsored posting we boosted daily engagement. As a result, we saw our followers increase with 300% in a year.