In my last two blog posts, we talked about generating brand awareness and maintaining interest through digital channels. What if your prospective customers are at the lowest end of the sales funnel and are ready to purchase or complete an action right away?

Part III – Decision Phase

Paid Search – Search engine marketing offers the ability to reach customers close to the decision phase of a purchase. If someone searches “nike soccer cleats” or “blue bmw 7 series” they are very close to knowing what they want to buy. A well-written paid search ad with an effective landing page can get them to make that purchase or complete the action on the site you need to close the sale. If you’re looking to drive immediate actions and sales on your site, paid search is a great place to start. Keep in mind that costs can very depending on industry and how much competition exists in the market. Costs per click are usually in the $2 to $5 range, but for certain industries, clicks can cost upwards of $20, $50 or even $100.

Direct Offer Email Marketing – Newsletter e-mail marketing is a slow burn, but sending a targeted e-mail with the right subject line and an enticing offer can drive traffic to your site and convert users. If you have a strong e-mail database list, this can be an extremely cost-efficient digital marketing tactic for your business.

So, we’ve reviewed a number of tactics that can help your business determine where to allocate time and budget into digital marketing. However, I would caution against selecting one single tactic as your magic bullet. These tactics all work best when they are part of a larger strategy.

Imagine this scenario for a user:

  • Sees a helpful blog post from your site shared on Facebook
  • Clicks through to your site, consumes your content and is added to your remarketing pool
  • User also follows you on Twitter to see more of your future content
  • Starts seeing your remarketing ads which helps with brand awareness and recognition
  • Clicks on a few of your blog posts posted on Twitter
  • On one of their visits to your site, signs up for your e-mail newsletter list
  • Receives an e-mail for a flash sale with free shipping and returns to the site and makes a purchase

All of these tactics worked together to help you generate brand awareness, maintain user interest and eventually complete a purchase. Sure, the e-mail was the final push to get them to buy but that user wouldn’t have been on your list without the prior pieces of the strategy.

A multi-layered digital marketing approach is the best way to attract potential customers with varying browsing and buying habits.  Contact us today to learn more on how we can help you get started with your digital marketing strategy.