Horne Brothers Construction Inc, is one of the top rated solar mechanical installers in the United States. HBC has successfully completed over 172 projects exceeding 900 megawatts of solar installations and the company has continued to grow exponentially over the past few years. Due to their rapid growth, HBC was struggling to simply find enough applicants to fill their open jobs.

HBC came to us for two reasons. Initially, they needed help connecting with potential employees through traditional channels about their job openings. In addition, they contracted us to develop visually engaging content that communicated the message that they were trying to send to prospective employees about the company culture of Horne Brothers Construction.


Social Media 

We built a 90-day social media strategy focused on sharing the company’s culture as well as promote job openings in key project areas across the southeastern United States.

Here’s What We Did

We created a social plan for their social channels that included content in the following areas:

Employee features 

Company Safety

Industry News 

Company Culture

In addition, our plan increased the frequency of social posting and increased the reach of their social channels.

We created paid social advertising campaigns that aligned with the company’s project needs. Each campaign was geo-targeted to regions of the country where they had need for more crew or were expecting a new project to come online.

Recruiting for specialized talent was also a challenge for HBC. For example, we were able to target individuals qualified to operate heavy equipment and drive job applications for those positions.

Reaching new audiences was also a key goal of the paid social campaigns. We created Spanish-language ads for jobs in Puerto Rico to help HBC increase their presence in that area.

Video Assets 

For the visual assets project, we traveled to North Carolina to collect content over a two-day period across multiple job sites. The goal was to collect interviews with a variety of employees, footage of projects in varying stages of completion and start to build a photo library for use in marketing collateral.

The goal of the video project was to create four types of videos for use in HBC marketing efforts:

A brand video that communicated the values and goals of the company

Two versions of an employee video (one interviewing female employees and another male employees)

A shortened version of the brand video to use on social media

We also captured a variety of photos for use in future HBC marketing campaigns.


Over the course of 90 days, we generated 465,000 impressions and 27,500 engagements across Horne Brother’s Social Media channels. 

Our paid social campaigns generated 262,000+ impressions and 6,700 engagements. 

With an average cost of $0.07 per click, the paid social campaigns were a very cost-effective way for HBC to reach prospective employees and drive interest in employment opportunities.

The campaigns turned out to be so successful that HBC asked us to stop advertising because they had too many applicants for their existing positions.

“We contracted Hook and Blade to solve an employee shortage through digital efforts. The team helped us develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that exceeded our expectations. Their work helped us develop a great portfolio of visual assets that will help enhance our digital marketing efforts currently and in the future. There was an overwhelmingly positive response to our Employee Spotlights that they introduced and we have continued to create this type of content.” 

Lee Spruill 

Communications/Policy and Procedure – Horne Brothers Construction Inc.