For every small business owner, time is your most valuable resource. Operating and growing a business takes a lot of effort. Finding the time to manage a social media strategy for your company and personal brand can be a challenge. As a small business owner myself, I thought I’d share a few tools I use on a daily basis to maintain my personal social networks as well as for Hook & Blade.



Staying current on what’s trending in the industry as well as news and culture is vital for me. Pulse is my preferred tool for managing and viewing content from a variety of sources. I like the ability to sort news sources by topic to make it easier to keep them organized. Once you click into a specific topic, you can narrow down by source. Pulse will offer you suggestions for topics and news sources to get you started.


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Viewing articles is fast as well because they open in a stripped down format instead of sending you directly to the publisher’s website. If you’d like to continue to the site to see more of the imagery and layout, you can click on the headline.


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Be sure to connect your social networks to the tool. It’s easy to share interesting content to your network. As part of maintaining your personal and company brand, being a content driver helps you build authority and keeps your presence consistent in your audience’s timelines. Of course, you still need to make the effort to produce original content from time to time, but sharing an article or video you found intriguing can help you build engagement.




I’ve always been partial to Tweetdeck for managing my personal and business social media. I create columns for my timeline, my tweets and notifications, direct messages as well as the same for Hook & Blade. In addition,

Tweetdeck does have a scheduling function that allows you to schedule tweets in the future, but it doesn’t allow you to use images in those tweets. I do like the tool’s functionality of keeping content such as GIFs and YouTube videos within the tab instead of making you click out to another tab.


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Going back to the concept of time being a valuable resources, sometimes you don’t have time to read through that long article that gets tweeted in the afternoon or sent to you by a friend. Pocket is indispensable for me to be productive throughout the day and still read and enjoy longform content.

Pocket can be added as a browser extension and in the Twitter app on your phone. If you come across an article, you can just add it to your Pocket and read it later. I typically spend the early mornings and evenings reviewing articles and videos I’ve pocketed.


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Adding a visual to your tweets and posts will increase engagement and click-through. Canva makes it fast and easy to create that type of content without having to go into Photoshop. You can use some of the free pre-made templates and change them to your liking or add your own imagery to customize it further.


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This is a great free tool for scheduling out content (with imagery) for all of your social networks. Buffer allows you to preset a set number of times in your queue to send content on your social networks. Simply add the content in the queue and it will automatically post at your pre-determined times. I like this tool because it’s good for sharing evergreen content that doesn’t have a specific time element. It’s a great tool for lining up a number of posts you’d like to share with your audience.


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