If you only remember one reason from this list, remember this one. Internet users love video and are consuming more of it than ever before. According to research from Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. YouTube receives more than a billion unique visitors every month.

Even mobile video viewing is increasing. There are over 90 million smartphone video viewers in the U.S. 33% of tablet users watch an hour of video each day on their devices. In 2014, smartphone and tablet video views made up 30% of all online video views.

If you’re not creating video about your brand, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to engage with your target audiences.
Video Content is More Engaging

Ever heard the phrase “A picture paints 1,000 words”? According to Forrester research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Would you rather shoot a 1-minute video or write a 1.8 million word blog post? Video helps you convey your message in an easy to digest format that’s more engaging for users.

Video content marketing is great for telling your company’s story, showcasing product demonstrations, sharing industry insights or offering consumer advice.

Think about these examples:
-If you need to understand how to use a product, would you rather watch a video of someone showing you how to use it or read an instruction manual?
-If you’re planning a vacation to London, would you rather see a few photos of the hotel and room or a video tour of the property?
-If you need to hire a lawyer or book an appointment with a doctor, would you rather read a recent journal he penned or watch a video of him talking about a topic from his field?

Increased Search Presence

Video content can help you improve your search engine rankings as well. According to research from ComScore, having a video about your brand or product increases your chances for a front page Google result by 53 times! Why is this? Google values quality content over all else. It’s important to remember that Google’s main focus in serving up search results is answering the question of the user and providing relevant content.

Creating helpful, informational videos will help your brand rank higher and answer the questions of your audience. When coming up with an initial list of topics to create, a good place to start is with the frequently asked questions that you or your sales team gets from current and prospective customers.

Build Consumer Trust

Creating trust between your company and your consumers is crucial for success, particularly if you’re a small business or start up. Video can help your put a face to your brand and show a consumer the type of person of company you are. Axonn Research found in a study that seven in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them.

Most Powerful Way to Evoke Emotion Online

Think about the last video you watched online that actually made you feel something – whether it was a laugh, a cry or a moment of inspiration. Would a photo or an article have created the same effect in you? Creating emotional video can be a bit more difficult than creating a great how-to video, but when you nail it, it can really pay off for your brand. Videos that invoke emotion are also more likely to be shared by consumers.

It’s Cheaper than You Think

While it’s still possible to go out and spend over $25k or more on video production for your business, you don’t really need to anymore to be effective on the web. Don’t let the fear of cost prevent you from investing in video. The technology to create high quality video is more accessible than ever before. You can even create amazing video with your smartphone device.


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