Bizco Technologies is a Managed IT Services provider dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to maximize businesses’ IT and AV efficiency. Bizco has been in business for 25 years in Omaha and a few years ago they expanded and opened a new location in Clearwater, FL.

Bizco reached out to us and wanted to do a series of testimonial videos. The first project we did was in their Clearwater office where they wanted to share client success stories. After the success of the Clearwater project, they asked us to repeat the process at their Omaha location.

What We Did

Bizco selected four clients and scheduled each client to come in on the same day. The day before, we filmed Paul Zoz, Bizco’s CEO. We sat down with him in his office and asked him questions about Bizco and the specific clients that were coming in for the next day’s shoot.

Bizco had pre-scheduled four different clients to come in, each representing a key industry vertical for Bizco. Each person had been provided our questions in advance to prepare for the interview. We asked each client to:

Talk about his/her business and its technology needs

 Talk about Bizco

Talk about why Bizco makes a difference for their business

A few months later, Bizco turned to us again and asked for us to travel to their Omaha office. The project was lined up similarly to when we were in Clearwater. In one day, we traveled to each selected client’s location and filmed their interview. At Bizco’s Omaha office, we collected b-roll and employee interviews as well to provide more context for the success stories.

Client testimonial with Cornhusker Bank

Our Strategy

Our strategy was simple. Each selected client interview represented a certain type of industry vertical that Bizco wants to pursue.

We also created a consistent framework for each video. We asked the right questions and made sure that the messages were coherent. We wanted to prepare questions beforehand to be as organized and time efficient as possible.

After shooting it all, we packaged it up to five videos; one overview video and four videos representing their clients from the selected industries.

The Results

We were able to help Bizco tell a story in a quick and efficient way with the help of engaging video content.

After three days worth of work, we provided Bizco with:

 Ten high quality videos that can be used in different marketing channels

Content that lines up specifically with the industry verticals that they want to reach

Visual brand content that puts a face to an IT company

With over twenty years of experience in advertising and marketing I can be a tough client to please. Working with Hook & Blade has been a pleasure. From strategic planning, assistance with building interview questions to working professionally with clients to make them feel comfortable I could not have asked for more. The execution from staying on schedule to staying on budget was flawless. In regard to the final product we are thrilled with the way the videos turned out and consider them one of the strongest pillars of our marketing tool kit. I was so impressed with the work they did for us in Florida that when I had a project in Nebraska I did not hesitate to pay to fly them there as well. If you are looking for a way to promote your business I would highly recommend Hook & Blade as your go to partner.

Danielle Zoz
CEO GovDirect and CMO Bizco Technologies

Overview video of Bizco Technologies