We don’t have futurists, psychics or Nostradamus on staff here at Hook & Blade so I can’t give you a “Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2016” post. What I CAN give you is a look at what we believe to be important tactics for the upcoming year and what we plan to focus on as client strategists. If you’re a current, prospective or even past client of Hook & Blade, prepare to hear a lot about these three areas over the course of 2016.

Smart Paid Advertising

Even with the vast array of targeting options available to digital marketers, there is still a lot of noise and wasted spend. How often do you see ads that don’t have any relevance or appeal to you as a consumer?

Sure, it’s easy to get a digital advertising campaign started. Plug in your credit card, create an ad and hit start. But that’s just going to waste your time and money. It’s important to do the due diligence of researching the demographics of your customers and build targeted audience profiles and develop custom messaging for more effective campaigns. This will result in higher click through rates, more conversions and help you achieve your organization’s goals.

Smart paid advertising also means taking the time to analyze your campaign’s performance. The information is there to help you make data-driven decisions. One of the great things about digital campaigns is that there are always things you can do to tinker and create incremental gains. If you pop a billboard up, there’s not really much you can do to improve the effectiveness of that medium. Keep that in mind when you’re thinking about how to allocate your marketing budget in 2016.

Compelling Video

We love video. We want you to love video for your business. Video gives you the ability to tell your brand’s story in an engaging format in a short amount of time. Showcase the personality of what makes your organization great.

You know what else makes video great for digital marketing in 2016? You don’t need to spend $30k producing to make something worthwhile. Whether it’s a short feature on your company, a series of FAQ videos answering common customer questions or even a funny six-second Vine, video is a strategy within reach of just about every organization and business.

If you have a solid library of effective and interesting video content, there are a number of inexpensive video advertising options. YouTube and Facebook both offer excellent platforms to deliver targeted video advertising to potential customers.

Content, Content, Content. Did I mention content?

In our minds, smart digital marketing begins and ends with quality content (Google agrees). If you’re building a new site, you want to start with a foundation of strong, well-written content to help with your organic rankings and create a positive user experience. While design is certainly a key component of a site build, many people overlook the importance of content and view it as a burden. Communicating your organization’s value proposition effectively to visitor hinges on the quality of your content.

Even if you aren’t in website build mode for your organization, you need an ongoing content plan for your site. What are you doing to keep your website fresh with new and engaging content? Visitors look for it and search engines love it. A regular content plan also makes it easier for you to manage your social channels because it gives you something new to post.

Get Started

Digital marketing evolves quickly and offers organizations a variety of options to promote themselves. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Maybe you don’t want to start with all three of these in one year. Let’s at least pick one and be REALLY good at that. We’re happy to help you craft a strategy that fits your budget, resources and goals.