Founded by Mark Teague and Andy Morris, Hook & Blade offers marketing and creative services for any organization looking for a creative spark and collaborative relationship with their marketing partner. We provide marketing consulting for every stage of the customer journey. Hook & Blade is built on senior level digital marketing expertise and the idea of crowdsourcing for the best creative work.

In the past six months, we have grown our deck with two new employees and established a broader portfolio. We’ve taken on new challenges and brought even more clients aboard. Andy, Co-Founder of Hook & Blade comments, “Mark and I decided at the beginning of the year we would make an aggressive push for growth by making investments in staff and resources to grow Hook and Blade.”

Since January this year, we’ve added a 5000-member global association, one of the largest solar installers on the East Coast, a number of healthcare focused businesses and more. “One person’s competencies only stretch so far. What Andy and I know and what any one person knows is limited. It’s exciting to bring on people who supplement our core competencies,” said Mark, Co-Founder of Hook & Blade.

Meet us!


Our co-founder Mark was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida where he also received both of his degrees. He’s had an itch for advertising and marketing ever since he won a local newspaper’s “Design an Ad” contest in third grade. Since then, he’s been chasing his elementary school dream and exploring all aspects of human behavior that marketing blends. His background in digital marketing has allowed him to take on the Creative Director role at Hook & Blade. Most people would never know Mark’s obsession for comedy and stand-up comedy. He thinks laughing is the absolute best involuntary feedback you can get from another person. When it comes to keys to creativity, Mark keeps a few things in mind: speaking from the pain points of an audience, scoping creative framework, and that the creative works in success for the client.


Our other co-founder Andy was born in North Carolina and educated at Appalachian State University & University of South Carolina. He is one of the most serious Liverpool fans you’ll ever meet, got married in Sequoia National Park, owns the world’s best golden retriever, and is always planning his next trip. Most people would never guess Andy has five tattoos and just like his trips, he’s always planning the next one. He is currently thinking about adding a Hook & Blade inspired pirate ship tattoo to his collection. Photography is a hobby of his that helps keep his creative spark going. He also follows other creatives like videographers, tattoo artists, photographers etc. to keep him feeling inspired.


Erin started out as a receptionist at an ad agency while finishing up her degree, and fell in love with the industry. She has been in advertising and marketing for over 20 years and has had the pleasure working with a wide variety of clients across many industries. Something people don’t know about Erin is that she loves to cook and bake. Each Christmas she makes 120 dozen cookies to share with her family and friends. She also has a Pinterest addiction, and won the International Steve Award for Management Team of the Year in 2013. One of Erin’s keys to creativity is brainstorming- it really gets her creative juices flowing and bouncing ideas off other people keeps her energized. At Hook and Blade, Erin leads as the VP Strategy & Success Partner.


Johanna moved from Sweden to Florida to fulfill a college soccer career at Eckerd College where she studied Business Management with a concentration in Marketing. Johanna has a great passion for sports and fitness and earlier this year, she was part of a US Women’s Soccer World Cup commercial. Travel is a hobby of hers and her favorite destination thus far is “Zakynthos” in Greece. One of Johanna’s keys to creativity is allowing herself to think differently. “Many people spend their lives following fixed guidelines. I think the best ideas come when you step outside of that and allow yourself to be a little weird,” she says. Johanna practices Salvador Dalí’s theory, “Lobster-telephone” as a creative thinking starter. “You think of two unrelated objects and come up with one surrealistic piece and go from there”. At Hook and Blade, Johanna works as a Marketing Strategist.

Future Directions

“We are excited about the opportunity to grow our agency, expand our portfolio, and outsource our CMO services to more businesses,” says Andy. Hook & Blade is ready to set sail into the future with our new crew and clients. Mark adds, “If you can keep the promises you make, it shouldn’t be hard to grow.”