Your brand, at the surface, is a promise you’re making. Your brand, in its entirety, is whether you fulfill that promise.

We promise to our clients that when they partner with Hook & Blade they’ll receive the highest level of creative services, digital marketing strategy that yields profits, and that we genuinely care about their investment in our work.

So when we thought about our existing brand and our two-year anniversary, we decided it was time for an evolution. Technology evolves. Marketplaces evolve. Brands evolve. We needed to evolve.

Introducing the new brand identity for Hook & Blade:

Our new look is a better match for who we’ve become since launching in the summer of 2015. We aren’t just a marketing company. We view ourselves as creators who can develop innovative strategies to advance your business goals and interests. Our competitive advantage is that we genuinely care about your decision to choose us as your partner. We know that we owe you a return. Our simple mantra “Be Genuine” is at the foundation of everything we do.

The new design adds sophistication and refinement to the Hook & Blade brand. We kept black and white as the primary colors in our brand and added a gold as an accent color to use throughout our design pieces. But the key element to our new design is the hexagon.

It’s a consistent shape we use throughout our website and branding. It tells the story of who we are as well as what we do.

We chose the Barbaro Roman font as our new headline font to have a sleeker and sharper look. Our tagline font is Orator and the new font for our body copy is Avenir. Each selection gives us a more modern but also creative appearance.

 Barbaro Roman



At the end of the day, we know we needed to do this. If you’re honest with yourself and look at your brand, you know you probably need to do something too.

Big thanks to our Crew members Ryan, Bekky, Jeff, Max, Lindsay, Eric and Erik for their help in bringing this to fruition.