Meet the newest member of the Hook & Blade family, our Senior Marketing Manager Meghan O’Keefe.

What do you enjoy most about working in the digital space?

I like how it is always evolving.  With digital marketing it is always changing, so you have to stay up-to-date with new trends and updates.  It is also a great outlet to be creative and think of ways to make a brand stand out from their competitors.

Favorite social network?

I like to dabble in all social networks but Snapchat has to be my favorite right now.  It has been fun watching how brands and people have used the network, and how the network has evolved.  If you want to see how brands are using Snapchat some of my favorites are The Ellen Show (ellen), the Miami Dolphins (miamidolphins), The Verge (therealverge), HubSpot (hubspotinc) and of course DJ Khaled (djkhaled305).

Best sites for news and time-wasting?

If I am wasting time professionally my go to website is the HubSpot blog. They have their blog broken up by four different categories: Marketing, Sales, Agency and All Topics.  If I have any questions about digital marketing I can usually find the answer there.  I can find myself on Buzzfeed for hours taking quizzes, looking up recipes or even reading about current events.  However, my most favorite website is the Animal Planet Live.  You can watch live HD cams for all different kinds of animals, my personal favorites are the penguins, otters, and sloths.

Top three bucket list items?

1.    Traveling is a huge passion of mine, so a goal is to definitely hit every continent but I know that won’t be enough.

2.    Publish a book.

3.    I would say go to a World Cup, but I’ll be original.  Something I would love to do is swim with whale sharks.

What is one aspect of digital marketing that businesses can improve upon?

Currently, 78% of the U.S. population has a social network profile.  If a brand isn’t on social media they are missing out on a great avenue to reach their audience.  Not only are most people on social media, but it can also be one of the cheapest ways to advertising.  Social media has tons of benefits including customer service, branding, build credibility, developing relationships and increasing website traffic.

Biggest challenge about marketing in today’s marketplace?

I think one of the hardest things to do is to stay current on all the changes, updates and new platforms that are always coming out.  The digital space is very competitive if you aren’t consistently reading or researching how digital marketing is changing, someone else is.

Favorite ad campaign?

When I saw the Kenny Powers, MFCEO of K-Swiss campaign, (Ed. Note: NSFW) I think that’s when I decided I really wanted to get into marketing.  I know campaigns like this rarely work, but for K-Swiss which is in the same market as shoe monsters like Nike and ADIDAS this foul, unorthodox approach was a gold mine.  Most people viewed K-Swiss as a brand that wasn’t relevant anymore, and this strategy got people talking about the brand again.

Favorite quote or piece of advice?

“Do not let the day end without having grown a bit, without being happy, without having risen your dreams.” Walt Whitman

Athletic allegiances?

I love following the USMNT and USWMT especially with how soccer is growing in the U.S.  Unfortunately, I’m a bandwagoner when it comes to most other athletic allegiances.  My dad is a football coach so I have had to learn to like and leave a few teams.  Currently, I cheer for the Iowa Hawkeyes, Miami Dolphins and John Carroll Blue Streaks.