Meet co-founder Mark Teague. Born in Gainesville, Florida. Educated at the University of Florida. Follow him on Twitter at @mpteague.

Favorite social network?

While I could be more active on Twitter and Instagram, there’s a large part of me that’s loyal to Facebook. The 15% of me that has a life loves the opportunity to stay in touch with family and old friends. The 85% of me that’s working and thinks about marketing loves the targeting abilities of Facebook (lame. I know. Leave me alone.). What the targeting (behavioral, geo, demo, etc.) has allowed any size business or brand to do is not only important, but it’s fun.

Best sites for news and time-wasting?

Social media sites are time-wasting sites, but if I had to stray from that notion and choose an information hub, I’d choose Deadspin or The Next Web. I’m one of those guys that’s way more emotionally invested in their sports team than what’s perceived as “normal” or “healthy.” It’s difficult to find sports journalism without at least a noticeable dose of homerism, and I think Deadspin does a good job of covering/mostly making fun of everyone. The Next Web has all around great content every day, categorized o your liking. Tech, Creative, Marketing, Apps, etc. Where else would I learn that robots have learned to detect moving objects and avoid them like a cheetah?!

Top three bucket list items?

1) Go to all 4 major golf championships (Masters and British Open already in the books)

2) Go to a World Cup, preferably not in Qatar in the summer

3) Celebrate on the shoulders of Navarro Bowman and Joe Staley as the 49ers win their sixth Super Bowl (it could happen)

What is one aspect of digital marketing that businesses can improve upon?

Seeing as the search engines care now, I’d say the most important thing every business can improve upon is content creation. Google has always tried to find a way to favor user experience over a technical SEO masterpiece, and its commitment to favoring sites that provide new and relevant content (along with a mobile-friendly experience) is the next step in that. Higher search rankings aren’t the only benefit from content creation. Thought leadership, consistent voice, branding and awareness are just a few benefits of a content strategy.

The problem with content creation is that it’s not easy. What message is being sent? Is that message and voice consistent? Is the content quality and up to your business standards? Who’s managing it? Do we write a blog, produce video, maintain an active social presence?

At the risk of rambling, those are questions every business should be asking themselves and addressing immediately. Luckily there are partners (wink, wink) available to make these initiatives easier.

Biggest challenge about marketing in today’s marketplace?

I think one of the biggest challenges has always been and will continue to be keeping the search engines happy. As we continue to tailor our SEO efforts to the newest and latest algorithm change, Google preps for another algorithm change.

It’s an endless cycle that produces two things: 1) a business’ ability to pivot and adjust their strategies/tactics and 2) premature balding. I’m optimistic about the future of SEO and its affinity for user experience. They’ve already addressed the largest trend in online consumption with Mobile-geddon, so it’s the duty of millions of websites to act or react to create an enjoyable mobile user experience for their target audience.

Ten years from now, I suspect our headaches will be in relation to websites responding to the massive hologram projection screens within our self-driving cars. But for now, we’ll search on our phones and tablets. If Google’s happy, I’m happy.

Favorite ad campaign?

My favorite ad campaign is consistent with my favorite hobby, golf. The PGA Tour’s “These Guys Are Good” campaign still sticks with me because even though I’ve seen the commercials a million times, I find myself saying it while watching every event.

In a time when Tiger Woods was elevating the sport into a place it might never be again, the PGA Tour correctly identified, captured and coined the exact moment/reaction an amateur golfer, casual golf fan or complete addict has when watching the pros play. Mine is usually “(expletive), these guys are good.” Still, spot on.

Favorite quote or piece of advice?

I have a few favorite quotes, one of which is of my own creation. I won’t say which in case you prefer one of the others. The three authors are Albert Einstein, Anonymous and Myself. I’ll leave it at that.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”

“Negotiate everything except happiness.”

“If you’re not offending anyone, you’re boring everyone.”

Athletic allegiances?

Easiest question ever. I was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida and earned a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from the University of Florida. I bleed Orange and Blue. Go Gators! The team I’m probably equally as passionate about is the San Francisco 49ers, which stems mostly from my earliest football memories of Jerry Rice and Steve Young tearing apart defenses. Go Niners!