Private Jet Partners

are skilled in making planes move.

We wanted to tell that story 

 Like luxury real-estate listings or any other luxury market, people move to video as the means of differentiating themselves. We have worked with Private Jet Partners in the past, shooting listing videos and created engaging listing sheets for their jets.

This time, we partnered with them on the glaring need for their website to be modern, have contemporary visual assets, and communicate what makes them different.

Here’s what we did:

Modern Website Design

First, a promise. “Skilled in Making Planes Move”. Simply, the team at PJP are moving jets on and off the books. Whether it be through consulting or the entire transaction (acquisition to sale), they make planes move. The obvious parallel is the fact that planes move…they fly. Private Jet Partners are experts in listing acquisition, consulting and contracting; they could take any deal and get the best outcome for the client. We wanted to capture this in their core message, “Skilled in Making Planes Move.”

Brand Differentiation

In the private jet industry, shockingly, marketing is pretty monotonous and boring. Most listing sites or broker sites look more like your financial advisor than a luxury offering. It’s possible to be both professional and engaging. You should want that. Acquiring a private jet is cool, so the experience leading up to it should contribute to that excitement.

To be frank, we wanted to make their website cool. So, that’s what we did.

The Private Jet Partner’s website now consists of parallax elements, original background video, original photography and original messaging. Unique to the PJP brand and more unique to the industry than you’d realize.

A big part of this project was accomplishing both visually engaging and trusted . Rather than the industry-standard, “buttoned up” consultancy jargon, we wanted to differentiate the brand.  So we spoke boldly about the brand to an even bolder audience, those purchasing private aviation.

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