Thought leadership is a great way to build your brand’s influence and trust. This type of content is important for developing a connection with your potential customers, especially for B2B buyers.

Studies show that half of b2b buyers consume 3 to 5 pieces of content before contacting the brand

There are a variety of content options you can choose to make your case as an industry authority, including whitepapers, infographics, blog posts and a strong social media presence. But one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience is through video.

Thought leadership videos help your audience place a face and personality to your name and the video format allows you the opportunity to express your passion for the subject. Viewers are more likely to make a connection to you (and your brand) if they can see visual evidence of how much you care about the industry.

Need help getting started? Here are 3 types of thought leadership videos you can create for your brand:

  • Talk about a common challenge or pain point
  • Discuss the value and benefit of a service your provide
  • Incorporate current news and events relating to your industry and offer your perspective

Thought leadership videos are also much more cost-effective to produce than one big “brand video.” With the right amount of planning and preparation, you can shoot 10-15 quick thought leadership videos in a single day to start building a library of content.

Before you get started with your thought leadership video planning, keep in mind that they need to have three key elements in order to be effective:

  • They need to be relevant to your audience
  • They need to be engaging and interesting
  • They need to trigger a response or action

Want help with your thought leadership content? We’ve shot and produced thought leadership content for a wide variety of topics, including marketing and advertising, tips for making cocktails and even dentistry. Contact us today to see how we can help you!