I’m a big fan of Facebook Advertising. Over the last two years, Facebook’s Ads Manager has grown more and more sophisticated to give marketers more precise targeting capabilities to reach more relevant and qualified users. The data pulled from user profiles and other third-party providers is a fantastic way to develop engaging campaigns. Here are three additional audience creation tools that will help you build a variety of campaigns:

Upload a Custom Audience

Selling to current customers is a lot easier than selling to brand new ones. If you have an existing customer list with e-mail addresses or phone numbers, you can upload that list into Ads Manager to match up with users on Facebook.

What can you do with a custom audience created from your existing customers?

-Upsell a current customer on an additional sale or upgrade

-Offer a special discount for existing customers

-Advertise a unique sale or event targeting past buyers

The more organized your customers lists are, the more targeted and segmented your ads can be. For example, if you can break down your customers by the product they’ve purchased or the number of times they’ve bought from you, you can tailor your ad creative to be more specific to those individuals.

Create a Custom Audience of Your Site Visitors

The next best thing to people who have bought from you are customers who have already visited your website. These users at least have familiarity with your brand. You can add Facebook’s remarketing pixel to your website and build a pool of website visitors to target in your ad campaigns.

You can increase the click-through rate on your ads and lower your cost-per-acquisition with Facebook remarketing campaigns. These users have already shown some interest in your brand and know who you are.

Consider these types of campaigns for Facebook remarketing:

-Keep brand awareness high and share new content from your Facebook page and website

-Incentivize new users to convert on your site and offer a promotion to first-time buyers (you’ll want to exclude converted customers from this audience to make sure you are reaching new users)

-Promote a new product or company announcement or website change with a Facebook ad to your website visitors and get them back to your website

Lookalike Audiences

Once you’ve reached out to current customers and users who have already visited your website, you still need to keep filling your sales funnel. Facebook’s Lookalike Audience tool helps you find other users that are like your existing audiences (get it, lookalike). Select one of your existing custom audiences and Facebook will find a pool of users with similar characteristics.┬áThis is a great way to expand your reach and get your brand in front of new potential customers.

If you’re intrigued on how you can take advantage of these audience tools to generate results for your business or if you’re already running Facebook Ads and would like a little help, reach out to us today to take your social advertising to the next level.