Fondo Cycling Circuit USA is a six-city event series attracting both recreational and competitive cyclists who compete in one of three distances: 30 miles, 50 miles or 75 miles. FCCUSA was looking for a way to illustrate their unique race offering to their target audience of recreational cyclists looking for a professional, organized race event.

Our production team traveled to Davidson, NC for the series’ inaugural event to capture race footage to create a two-minute overview video to be used as evergreen content promoting the race.

The purpose of the video content was to:

  • Showcase the new race series
  • Increase interest and awareness
  • Drive registrations for future races

When developing our shot list and laying out the structure of the video, we considered the following:

  • Put more focus on the recreational experience instead of the “winning” experience
  • The target audience for this race series is likely to include more recreational-level cyclists so we didn’t want to portray the event as ultra competitive
  • Showcasing the quality of the FCCUSA experience is more important than showing the winner of the race

Check out the finished two-minute version below:

In addition to the two-minute piece, we re-purposed the footage to create a :30 version that can be used as an advertising asset to promote race registrations.

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