Social media marketing has been growing each year for personal and business use. It is projected that there will be 2.5 billion social media users worldwide by 2018 , making it more important than ever for businesses to utilize this marketing strategy. If you are still debating if social media marketing is worth the effort, here are five reasons your company should use it.


  1. More Affordable than Traditional Marketing


Besides time, there is no initial cost to using social media outlets. A company can create accounts or profiles on any social network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. and post to that platform without any fees. However, while social media can be free the impact of social media can be heightened if some investment is put into it.


Channels like Facebook offer options to create ads that can promote your page, boost a post, or even increase conversions on your website all for a daily budget that you decide. Depending on the industry, cost per click is usually cheaper on social networks like Facebook as well, making it easy and cheap to reach more people.


  1. Branding


Branding can be especially important for small businesses that do not have a big platform to use to reach potential customers. Using social media can help your company to create a voice for itself, give a target audience the sense of authenticity that will help build trust and interest in your company, and help it become a brand.


Many consumers do not view social media as advertising, making it a great avenue for businesses to use to build better relationships with their audience. When you are interacting with your audience on social media and creating a conversation with your fans you begin to create brand loyalty with your followers, which in turn can result in repeat customers and referrals.


  1. Customer Service


Social media networks are making it easier to potentially reach thousands of people globally you may not have been able to reach before. By connecting with a greater audience, the amount of questions and concerns will also increase.   Fortunately, social media is one of the best avenues for customer service now. You no longer have to worry about long distance calls, or the difference in time zones to contact people. Now you can reply to a tweet, chat live or answer questions for free at any time on a comment.


If a consumer has a problem with a product or service many are finding it easier to post their concerns on social media. Even though these posts are usually public, it will give you the chance to give feedback immediately and help give them step-by-step instructions to resolve their issues. Many customers rather do this then be put on hold during a phone call, or have to wait to be emailed back. The more pro-active customer service presence online you can give, the happier your customers will be.


  1. Makes Your Company More Accessible


People are no longer just checking a company’s website, they are also liking their Facebook posts, watching their Snapchat stories or repining a pin. With people in the U.S. checking their social media accounts up to 17 times a day, a company is more accessible to a costumer if they have a presence on social media.

The more outlets a consumer is able to reach out to you with, the easier it is for your company to look legitimate and build trust with current and potential customers. If a business only offers an email address for contact information, this can make the company look small and unreliable. If a company can offer a website, phone number, email address and social media accounts to their customers the company can create a bigger, trustworthy image for itself.


  1. Increase Your Website Traffic


Many do not realize that social media is a great source to help increase traffic to your website. By creating good content on your website and teasing it on your social media accounts, it not only helps build your brand but it also sends your audience to your website to continue to read the rest of the content.


Once you post your content another great strategy is to continue to post this content for additional clicks. Many people think that once content goes on social media they can’t share it again, but as long as the content is still relevant and is not time sensitive it makes for great content to have in your back pocket to use days and months later to bring people to your website.


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