The Evolving World of Marketing as We Enter a New Decade

We now find ourselves on the threshold of a new decade as year 2019 rapidly moves to a close. A decade can indeed make a world of difference. The past years have proven and shown just how much society has shifted thanks to technological breakthroughs.
One thing constant in this this world is change. With improved wireless systems better software, and more high tech gadgets produced with each passing day, we have no choice but to evolve as marketers because our clients have also changed. We need to adapt in order to keep up with these rapid and dramatic changes.

A Digital Shift Because of Tech Advancements

Imagine, in 2009 the iPhone was just two years old! Samsung was the only brand with a crude smartwatch on sale in the market. On top of that, Android was just at its beginning stages. Back then, traditional media reigned supreme and most of us received marketing messages through print ads, broadcasting spots, cold-calling, and directories.
Now, all of these have shifted online, with newspaper and magazine circulation taking a nose dive. We use the internet to get our news. Thick directories are almost non-existent. We stream videos and watch YouTube. Most of all, we cannot live without our social media accounts. Oh how marketing has changed over the years due to technology! Let’s consider the following points below.

People No Longer Appreciate Pushy Ads

Even non professionals can see how internet has changed marketing. With at least three social media accounts and with our mobile devices perpetually attached to us wherever we go, our attention is undoubtedly online, with marketing following suit. Back then, it was all about pushing products, hard-selling, and out-selling the competition with aggressive ads.

Now, people no longer trust pushy advertisements because they don’t like feeling like they are being sold something. Instead, they want our brands to be on their side. People prefer to do their own research for testimonials and reviews. They already have all the information, which is why we as marketers need to add value to our brands. Our clients appreciate brands whose values align with theirs and whose products or services can really make their lives better.

Pull marketing, instead of the traditional push marketing, is one solid evidence of how marketing has changed over the years. We now draw clients at the right time and pull them to learn more about products and services. It is critical for us to build not just our brands’ reputation but their relationship with clients. Relationships are nurtured and trust is built over time.

Online Presence is Now Crucial

Over the last ten years, the internet has boomed paving the way for a digital transformation. Our market has adapted to an online world. They listen to music, research, watch videos, find products, conduct banking needs, and communicate with other people ALL online.
How internet has changed marketing? Well, for businesses to keep up, they need an online presence. We have to tell our clients that it’s not just nice to have a website and social media platforms, it is actually now a necessity. Having an online presence is the key for any business in any industry to succeed because we can build brand awareness and expand audience reach online.

Social Media is a Game Changer

Studies indicate the a person will have at least two social media accounts, which he or she will access consistently throughout the course of the day. It’s where people hangout, communicate with close friends and family, find product reviews, give opinions in groups, find news, and more.
Businesses need to leverage social media marketing to increase brand awareness and generate revenue. Now, the most effective way for us and the businesses we promote to authentically engage with their clients is in social media where everyone congregates in this modern world. Likes, shares, replies, and comments are the name of the game to get more followers.

Brand Consistency is the Key

Now, people have access to at least ten different websites that speak about the products we sell that they are considering to buy. They look at reviews, social activity, and how brands engage with their clients on the company’s official social media sites. They love brands that are consistent with their messages across all types of media proving they can be trusted and relied upon to deliver what they promise to do.
We have to make sure that we deliver this consistency on all touch-points. all our channels have to say the same message, including our physical locations. Businesses that want to succeed need to be consistent with all their marketing strategies. All touch-points must be aligned because our customers are lot smarter and have more access to data than ever before.

Credibility Plays a Huge Role

Since information is in everyone’s finger tips, it is so easy for them to conduct research and check the background of the company that we promote. In the past, consumers had no choice but to believe the ads that we bombard them with. They had no way to verify the veracity of the information of these old ads.
Now, people rely on the information super highway to fact check. They don’t readily believe what we marketers tell them because they are savvy with their hard earned money. We have to be credible because clients prefer businesses that are honest, trustworthy, and authentic.

It is not just about quick-shopping fixes. We have to understand that our clients would like to get the best deals without sacrificing their values. Thus, we have step-up our marketing game plans to build a long-term relationship with our audience. Because in the long run, only the brands that are respectable and credible will win among a world that is full of tough competitors.

Digital Marketing’s Dramatic Influence

With most of the market online, businesses have had to follow suit and engage and embrace digital marketing. Ten years ago, digital marketing was unheard of at all. Now, it is the primary focus of most businesses. Since this aspect requires some knowledge and specialization in tech, businesses have had to spend more for content creation.
We don’t just rely on the traditional print ads and commercials. We have to come up with more unique posts with the right set of keywords, which have to be released on a regular basis to drum up interest. We have had to rely on infographics, memes, games, promos, hashtags, and more, which must all be based on data analytics. The ways in which to engage consumers have increased. This massive amounts of opportunities also translate to more cost because we need to have an effective digital marketing strategy.

Bottom Line

There are many shifts in marketing over the past couple of years. However, at the crux of it all, the focus of any business and marketing specialist should not just be on the product or service that is being sold. Keeping the eyes on the prize means focusing on our customers. We have to make sure we know them and give them what they want and need because as cliche as it may sound, no matter the decade, our customer was and shall always be the king.