Worldwide ERC® is a global workforce mobility association shaping the future of a dynamic, innovative and growing mobility community. With over 7,400 members, Worldwide ERC® wants to engage, inspire and educate industry professionals through different events including global workforce conferences held in the United States and other countries.

Over the past year, our team at H&B has operated as Worldwide ERC®’s outsourced CMO, assisting and guiding much of their marketing efforts.

Each year, Worldwide ERC® hosts two conferences in the United States, and 10 one day summits around the world. Their fall meeting, the Global Workforce Symposium is the largest meeting of global mobility professionals in the world.

In addition to our on-going marketing for Worldwide ERC®, they asked us to attend their Global Workforce Symposium in Boston with the purpose of covering social media and driving social engagement that they had not seen at previous events. Worldwide ERC® does not have anyone in-house who specifically focuses on social media, therefore, our mission for this conference was to create more social engagements in order to get their messaging out, increase brand awareness and get attendees more engaged with their social channels.

One thing that we noticed from their previous events was the lack of establishing an event presence on social media. If you were a global mobility professional and followed Worldwide ERC® on social, it would be easy to miss the fact that an event took place. If you didn’t attend that year’s event, you had no reason to feel like you missed out…

We wanted to create a greater sense of FOMO. 


The strategy was for a member of our H&B team to be in attendance at the Boston conference and cover the event on social.

Prior to the event, we took a look at the agenda and pre scheduled posts about upcoming sessions and other important parts of the conference. We identified key sessions that we needed extra coverage for and we also worked with the client on-site and asked for help with pulling valuable speakers and attendees aside so that we could get them on camera.

During the event, we went through the exhibit hall and attended all the general sessions. We also attended individual sessions and made sure we got shots of the individual crowds and the presenters.For the sessions that we identified as buzzworthy and likely to generate engagement, we made sure to stay until the end to pull aside attendees that were willing to be interviewed on camera to share their perspective.

During each day of the conference:

  • We posted Live Photos and videos on all four social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).
  • We engaged with people who posted on their channels tagging us
  • We reposted people who used the official event hashtag

Click here to see a full timeline of the social content we created for the Global Workforce Symposium.


At the Global Workforce Symposium, we saw a 434% increase in social engagement from their last multi-day event (the spring Americas Mobility Conference).

Total Engagements

Total Impressions

As a result, Worldwide ERC® grew their social presence, increased engagement with the industry and built a stronger foundation for future event social media coverage.