Many business owners we come across think they need to have a profile created for every possible social media channel. “If you aren’t everywhere possible, you might miss out on a potential customer!”

The truth is that it’s extremely difficult to be a master at every social channel, particularly if you’re a small business. Becoming an expert at every social channel requires a wide variety of content and engagement to truly make your presence worth the effort.

We believe it’s best to find the RIGHT channels for your target audience. Here are 3 tips for making the right social media choice:

  • Find out where your target audience is likely to be – you can do this by searching through brand keywords and commonly used hashtags as well as reviewing
  • What type of content are you best at creating? For example, If it’s difficult for you to get quality photography related to your brand, you probably shouldn’t start with Instagram. If you don’t want to be highly engaged and produce content regularly, don’t start with Twitter.
  • Develop a content strategy based on quality, not quantity. Once you pick the right channel for you, build a plan that focuses on sharing relevant, engaging content with your target audience.

Once you master one or two social channels, only then should you take the step to add another channel to your marketing strategy.